6/2/2017 12:15 PM

The Mission of Music Gallery and Last Friday’s Event:

The intent of Music Gallery is to provide a powerful musical experience devoid of the distractions of phones, photos, drugs, and who the dj is. We provide a serious sound system, keep the dj from view, and let the music do the rest. We understand the power of release that music offers us, and feel the need to spread that to our people, especially our community here in Detroit. Detroit is often flattened as a getaway destination for out-of-towers and corporations, and this misuse is magnified during festival time. Folks come to town to make their money off of Black-made music in a Black-made city. That’s why during this time, it is especially important for us to create our environment on our terms.

Before we go any further, we want to extend our deep thanks to those who supported the event near and far, the folks at the Talking Dolls space, security, Real Food by Bianca, our bartenders, and everyone who attended Music Gallery. Without you the party could have never been a reality, no matter how short-lived.

We understand that parties get busted all of the time. That is an unfortunate fact of the world we live in. Joy is policed, especially when it is to be had by people of color. However, the level of aggression that the police exhibited at this event makes it hard to ignore, or to accept as the standard. Hosts and attendees of color were threatened with violence and incarceration. Officers openly told attendees that they “wanted to scare” people who they put into police cars and threatened with arrest, for infractions that were punishable by fines at best. It is also notable that most parties being held around the city were either visited by police without consequence, or weren’t policed at all. We don’t find it coincidental that the parties allowed to continue were either festival-affiliated and/or hosted by non-Black people. In a city that capitalizes on the abundant history and presence of Black creativity, it is unsettling how easily the city can cast aside those who have built its legacy to begin with.

But with this we keep pushing on. When music and dancing are policed we know that it is indeed powerful. Joyful noise is a disruption to the day to day, a threat to the powers that be. We take that to mean we’re on the right track. That we’re doing necessary work, having necessary joy. So we’ll keep doing our thing. Thanks for being on this journey with us. And keep your eyes and ears open for the next Music Gallery. Respect.

– The Sound Signature Team