we didn’t realize that this interview of Theo Parrish by Nicole Misha had been published! we did it ahead of the @jawfamily weekender with Doug and Jean Carn and the Black Jazz Allstars and Leroy Burgess which was one of the most magical highlights of our 2019. In the interview, Theo shares mountains of insight about Black Music, sound, and the “industry.” A deeply recommended read for all, but especially Black and Brown creative folks! Peace n Bless! link in bio!! photo credit to @fabian_brennecke ✨  November Fifteen   Theo shared some words about his favorite Black Jazz Records release. This comes just ahead of October’s @jawfamily reunion tour with Doug and Jean Carn and Leroy Burgess. Tell your people to come thru! link to the article in our bio. ✊  we’re beyond excited to be a part of this ✨Stay tuned & look out ✨  friday  !  Once again, we are overjoyed to invite you to Music Gallery Nine at Artist Village Detroit. May 24. See You There.
 happy new day! for your information we’ve got a couple of copies of the abundant “Directions” by @juniorallib thank u for this gift, Junior! check the site for this record and many other goodies. peace n bless  Soon Come ✨ video by @81disasters  what you gonna ask for SS077 out now sound signature link in bio ✌  and we’ve got shirt restocks ! come thru!   Today on Sound Signature! Link in Bio.   tomorrow on soundsignature dot net ☀️
 today’s the day! 🥶 ❄️ something to warm up the spirits. link to the shop in bio.  In more news about this Black Jazz and @jawfamily reunion, Theo n Specter will be playing before Leroy Burgess and his band. Between Doug, Jean, and Leroy, they’ll be so much musical power being shared. And very soon. See you there.  Coming [very] Soon... on Sound Signature      Overjoyed to have Julion De’Angelo’s (@tracibeats ) STAND ON YOUR SQUARE in stock on the site! It’s out on @tone_log_records ! Please enjoy this clip of folks gettin down at the music gallery, as B1 off the record comes thru!! link in bio don’t be sleep!  In Patience - A Mix by Julion De’Angelo. Now available at Sound Signature. Link in Bio. Peace and Bless.