today’s the day! 🥶 ❄️ something to warm up the spirits. link to the shop in bio.  In more news about this Black Jazz and @jawfamily reunion, Theo n Specter will be playing before Leroy Burgess and his band. Between Doug, Jean, and Leroy, they’ll be so much musical power being shared. And very soon. See you there.  Coming [very] Soon... on Sound Signature      Overjoyed to have Julion De’Angelo’s (@tracibeats ) STAND ON YOUR SQUARE in stock on the site! It’s out on @tone_log_records ! Please enjoy this clip of folks gettin down at the music gallery, as B1 off the record comes thru!! link in bio don’t be sleep!  In Patience - A Mix by Julion De’Angelo. Now available at Sound Signature. Link in Bio. Peace and Bless.  Now in stock at : Different Wisdoms / Thomas Xu
 November Fifteen   Theo shared some words about his favorite Black Jazz Records release. This comes just ahead of October’s @jawfamily reunion tour with Doug and Jean Carn and Leroy Burgess. Tell your people to come thru! link to the article in our bio. ✊  we’re beyond excited to be a part of this ✨Stay tuned & look out ✨  friday  !  Once again, we are overjoyed to invite you to Music Gallery Nine at Artist Village Detroit. May 24. See You There.
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