5/3/2014 07:29 pm

how is it possible that Kids are being executed in the street for playing their music?


explain it.

how can the man who shot the teen be found not guilty of murder

yet guilty of attempted murder as he only killed one of them

but he shot at all of them

its madness.

how is this possible?

explain it. go ahead. explain it to yourself.

what do you come up with?

im waiting.

waiting for you to view me as a human being

waiting for you to recognise why you feel a slow burn around me

django anyone?

12 years a slave anyone?

same general subject

same dehumanization

same reminder

one more sensitive than the other

one story true they say

spicy or mild flavor

proves one thing

its still ok to profit from slavery

and still pay no reparations to those effected today

because the money made from it is everywhere

but not where we live

nothing distributed for the myriad ways weve been systematically, categorically destroyed

and, conversely nothing to stop a white man from getting a job, a loan, a house

and nothing to stop a white man from killing any black boy he wants

and then go ahead and eat the fact that the first black president is in office

you were a fool if you thought that meant something

I really want the brother to prove me wrong

this is the third killing of this sort in recent memory

but its the same as it ever was

some act as if the same regard that allows one group of people

to do that to another

has faded away

its truly alive and well

and as shockingly devastating that is to those that dont live here

its all we know and worse

so pardon my fire if i cook you with my eyes

underneath my smile

if you ask

‘why you mad bro?’