10/17/2014 10:20 pm

Thank you Chicago. I get louder. I smile more. I let my guard down. Yall made me who I am. I will be back soon and more frequent and for longer duration.Thank you for the constant lessons you all reinforce, and the realness. Gotta say Brothers please think. Please read. Protect yourself in more ways than just one. It feels like bullshit even speaking on it since I do not live there now, but I am lucky I made it thru , as many did not, and the ones I find that made it thru were part in our own particular musical movement. I feel some tinge of an outsider, as I should, saying stop the shooting, given how many lives have been destroyed, and how many peaceful black people call the Southside home. I hope that can be sincerely heard by anyone that it can apply to that may need that encouragement, and its bugged out to me, to recognise that at this point this message may not reach them easily at all. They are disconnected from what is their legacy. All I can do is put it out there.