5/3/2014 01:06 am

love will birth you

love will sustain you

love will kill you

love will ressurect you

but love itself loves no one

it pleges no allegiances

has no borders

no rules

no time limit

5/3/2014 00:09 am

….when I had the first test pressing of SS01 I gave one to Shakir aka ‘Shake’. He knew I was from Chicago, and just had my first record, he said this and it stuck: “Its good you have your first record and thats all good. But theres one thing, your record is from Detroit. That means you get an extra ten seconds of listening-dont waste their time.” thought about that today talking with one of my dawgs Gehrik. Real talk from a real one.

3/16/2014 08:59 pm

 so yeah struggles bring forth important works. whats new? access to info. we think we really know the people that create those works depending on their digital access. Celebrate it when you find a song that hits you so hard you dont care who made it. enjoy that moment.

3/3/2014 03:42 pm

PEOPLE!!!!the site went live today and your love n support is FELT. Thank you very much. I will do my best to continue to offer some things that might be of use.Lots of projects in the pipeline. Stay tuned.

2/2/2014 01:07 pm

An interesting internal debate…Can great art come from privilege? With all the ruin porn being generated from Detroit, from people who typically dont have to deal with those conditions, is a very starnge and odd thing. I dont know how to feel about that. Feels like someone taking pictures of your dying Grandma and selling them.

10/14/2013 11:55 pm

Somehow people care… for the record. I live in Detroit. i visit London often.

10/14/2013 10:18 pm

had a dream that budgie n rick wilhite went down south with me and we stayed in an old broke down ranch, then got robbed by the most polite gang of thugs you ever met. they took all our cash, but not our credit cards, or ids, nor stole our cars. they started pulling all these bags of weed out of the ceiling which we didnt know were there. apparently we were staying in their stash house. they apologized for robbing us, and left. bugged out.

11/14/2012 10:27 pm

man i just got up n ready.

bout to go to japan

thanks greg!!and everybody!!

and you.

10/24/2012 11:01 pm

When you’re flying the flag dont let your ego do it. Booger foots always talk. You cant ask a dog to be a cat. Hate will make your hart shrivel up like a raisin. I see, I see I see I see.