Theo Parrish / Sketches, Somethin About Detroit


Label: Sound Signature
Matrix: SS034CD, SS039, SS040, SS037
Artist: Theo Parrish
Vol 1
A Kites On Pluto
B1 Hope 4 Tomorrow featuring Jennifer Dale, Niamh Mcartney, & Rio Hunki-Hemopo
B2 Flip The Funk Out

Vol 2
C1 Untitled featuring Larry Mizell
C2 Black Mist
D Horizon

Vol 3
E 360@1:29on696 (Raw Version) featuring Duminie Deporres
F Thumpasaurus

Somethin About Detroit
C Somethin About Detroit
D Black Bottom Collective – Invocation (Theo Parrish Remix)

Format: 4×12″
Released: 2016
Condition: Mint

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  1. Kites On Pluto Theo Parrish 2:00
  2. Hope 4 Tomorrow feat. Jennifer Dale, Niamh Mcartney, Rio Hunki-Hemopo Theo Parrish 2:00
  3. Flip The Funk Out Theo Parrish 2:00
  4. Untitled feat. Larry Mizell Theo Parrish 2:00
  5. Black Mist Theo Parrish 2:00
  6. Horizon Theo Parrish 2:00
  7. 360@1:29on696 (Raw Version) feat. Duminie Deporres Theo Parrish 2:00
  8. Thumpasaurus Theo Parrish 2:00
  9. Somethin About Detroit Theo Parrish 2:00
  10. Invocation (Theo Parrish Remix) Black Bottom Collective 2:00