Julion De’Angelo – Stand On Your Square


The record opens up with words by Skip Burney, a percussionist who has toured with the likes of Herbie Hancock, McCoy Tyner, and Miles Davis. In the recording, Burney shares his thoughts on the commitment required to be a part of an African drum tradition; however, what he’s saying can be applied more broadly to a larger commitment to music, and even further, a wholehearted devotion to a code, an ethic, a mission. This is the larger message Julion is communicating throughout the entirety of Stand On Your Square: the history and severity of tradition, specifically African traditions.

Stand On Your Square Parts 1 and 2 (A and B2 respectively), reflect chaos as the norm, each track finding their peace and discipline in African rhythms differently. The song, Sizzlean (B1) is a stripped down beat track that most directly showcases his roots as a dancer. Stand On Your Square is a fuller look at a new artist who has much more to share with us; and at its simplest reading, it compels us to move.

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